SnapAir was founded in 2016 by two students from the TU Delft. Using the latest innovations in dronetechnology we strive to push the limits of aerial photo- and videography.
Our spectacular aerial footage is ideal to spice up your promovideos, aftermovies and other content. With our equipment we're always able to shoot at an HD 1080K quality, under the right circumstances the quality can be upgraded to an Ultra HD 4K qualiy. The capability of livestreaming content on a youtube channel even gives us the possible to livestream your event. As of the fact that we're students and because we're only just getting started we can offer our service at a relatively low price.
Mike de Pont Boris van Overbeeke
Age: 24
Born in: Netherlands I have a lifelong passion for flying toys. As a child this already resulted in shelves filled with all sorts of radio controlled aircraft, helicopters and model planes. Nowadays the technology on drones is going faster than ever. All recent innovations made it possible to start putting this passion to practice professionally without having to do an astronomical investment. And so we did! And the technology is only just getting started. I believe that the possibilities that drone technology brings us are erasing boundaries and pushing limits. Our drones explore these limits and make it possible to discover an entire new world.
Age: 20
Born in: Singapore The reason why I started this company is that I believe in the great opportunities that Drones have in this world. Nowadays it is impossible to shoot astonishing footage of the sky or monument, like a church, with a regular camera. Our drone exceeds those limits and makes it's possible to discover the entire world. My trip to Gran Canaria last year was in that way perfect. With the drone we, my sister and I, flew all over the mountains and clouds and saw the island from an whole other perspective. An ordinary tourist just sees the trees, while we see the beauty of the complete forest. My goal is to keep pushing those limits and eventually let people see the greatness of Mother Earth.
CONTACT www.snapair.nl mike@snapair.nl
0637545590 boris@snapair.nl